Durham-Edinburgh eXtragalactic Workshops
DEX XII: The Devil is in the Detail
6th/7th January 2016

Scope of Workshop

Following on from last year's theme of "Big Surveys + Big Simulations = Big Science", the title of this year's meeting will be "The Devil is in the Detail: Challenging Standard Views and Paradigms".

This workshop aims to bring together observers and theorists to discuss the latest results - and prospects for the near future - in extragalactic astronomy. This year we aim to focus discussions on the finer details of observations and simulations that challenge our understanding of cosmology and galaxy evolution

We expect to divide our talks in to three broad categories:

- Feeding and feedback: the life-cycle of gas in galaxies;

- Cosmology with baryonic probes and the cosmic web;

- Stellar streams and small-scale structure.

As ever, the intention with DEX is to be inclusive, and to encourage as many talks as possible. To this end, the session titles can be interpreted with a degree of elasticity.


The full programme of talks will be published soon after the abstract deadline has passed.