Durham-Edinburgh eXtragalactic Workshop

6th - 7th January 2020

2020 vision: progress and tensions in astronomy

2020 vision: progress and tensions in astronomy

At the beginning of a new decade, this workshop is a chance for theorists and observers to discuss big questions in astronomy and what can be done in the coming years to shed light on them.

  • Is the distribution of dark matter on small scales consistent with it being cold and collisionless?
  • Is the mass distribution on large scales consistent with ΛCDM?
  • How do AGN affect galaxies and how do galaxies affect AGN?
  • When and how did reionization proceed and what do the first galaxies look like?
  • How do gas and stars interplay within galaxies and in the cosmic web?
  • Are tensions that have arisen in the era of precision cosmology pointing towards new physics, or systematic errors?

These questions and more will be answered with the help of upcoming surveys and targeted observations, as well as the next generation of cosmological simulations. Do we already have tentative answers, and what can we do to learn more?

Following the tradition of previous Durham-Edinburgh eXtragalactic workshops, this meeting intends to bring together observers and theorists to discuss advances in modelling and observation techniques in extragalactic astronomy. This year we would like to invite colleagues from Durham, Edinburgh, St Andrews, Lancaster and Newcastle, with the aim of fostering collaborations between our respective research groups.

Registration will close on Monday the 25th November.

We expect all attendees to adhere to the DEX code of conduct which can be found here.

Please contact us at dex.workshop@gmail.com if you have any questions.


The following people have been involved in the organisation of DEX:

  • Chair: Mathilde Jauzac (Durham)
  • Chair: Andrew Robertson (Durham)
  • Josh Borrow (Durham)
  • Lizelke Klindt (Durham)
  • David Lagattuta (Durham)
  • Louise Welsh (Durham)
  • David Sobral (Lancaster)
  • Vivienne Wild (St. Andrews)
  • Yan-Chuan Cai (Edinburgh)
  • Katarina Kraljic (Edinburgh)
  • Teresita Suarez Noguez (Edinburgh)