Durham-Edinburgh eXtragalactic Workshop

6th - 7th January 2020



Welcome | 11.00-11.10

Andrew Robertson
Workshop Welcome

Session 1 | 11.10-13:05

Chair: Catherine Heymans

Alex Beckett
3D Tomography of the Circumgalactic Medium
15 min
Ashley Kelly
Origin of simulated X-ray coronae
15 min
Cora Uhlemann
Cosmology and fundamental physics with counts-in-cells
15 min
Katarina Kraljic
The impact of the connectivity of the cosmic web on the physical properties of galaxies at its nodes
15 min
Alex Hall
The impact of our local environment on cosmological statistics
15 min
Ugne Dudzeviciute
Multi-wavelength analysis of sub-millimetre galaxies
15 min
Stefan Arridge
The The impact of feedback on the Lyman-alpha forest
15 min
Teresita Suarez
Understanding the physical conditions of high redshift metal absorption lines
3 min
Sarah Appleby
The impact of quenching on galaxy profiles in the Simba simulation
3 min
Gennaro Di Pietro
Taranis: GPU-accelerated Cosmological Radiation-Hydrodynamics Simulations
3 min

Lunch | 13.05-14.00

Session 2 | 14.00-16.00

Chair: Romeel Dave

Fran Lane
Cosmological trajectories approach to modelling large-scale structure
15 min
Amy Etherington
Mass-density profiles of Early-Type Galaxies from strong gravitational lensing
15 min
Benjamin Giblin
Non-linear Matter Power Spectra Predictions for Arbitrary Cosmologies
15 min
Will Collier
"The new low-z strong lens J0403-5055"
15 min
Fergus Cullen
The stellar mass-metallicity relation at 2.5 < z < 5.0 with VANDELS
15 min
Kyle Oman
Possible explanations for the diversity of galaxy rotation curves
15 min
Shadab Alam
Extension of Halo Occupation Distribution
3 min
James Nightingale
Automated Bayesian Inference in the big data era to determine the nature of dark matter
3 min
Aoife Curran
Tidal Evolution of Galactic Subhaloes
3 min
Qiuhan He
Constraining the dark matter mass function from power spectrum of strong lensing images
3 min
David O'Ryan
Painting Galaxies: A Statistical Framework for Quantifying Galaxy Merger Histories
3 min

Break | 16.00-16.30

Session 3 | 16.30-18.00

Chair: Alastair Edge

Annagrazia Puglisi
A titanic ejection destroying the interstellar medium of a massive starburst galaxy at z=1.4
15 min
Leah Morabito
Radio properties of Broad Absorption Line Quasars
15 min
Daniele Sorini
Constraining Galaxy Formation with Lyman-alpha Absorption Around Quasars
15 min
Cassandra Louise Barlow-Hall
The IFU Properties of a Triple Merger
15 min
Vicky Fawcett
Focussing in on the fundamental differences between red and normal quasars
15 min
Phil Short
El Diablo: Devourer of Stars
3 min
Kenneth Duncan
Radio-loud AGN in the EoR
3 min
Izzy Garland
Merger-Free AGN Fuelling and Feedback
3 min

Dinner | 19.00


Session 4 | 9.00-11.00

Chair: Richard Massey

Matthew Chan
The search for Galaxy Clusters with Deep Learning
15 min
David Lagattuta
BUFFALO-WINGS: A 3D look at the Frontier Fields and Beyond
15 min
Yan-Chuan Cai
Towrads unbiased dynamical mass estimate for galaxy clusters
15 min
Carolina Cuesta
Towards a non-Gaussian model of Redshift Space Distortions
15 min
Tilman Troester
The cosmology of the low-redshift Universe: Constraining ΛCDM with BOSS and KiDS
15 min
Joachim Harnois-Deraps
Weak lensing beyond two-point statistics
15 min
Cameron Grove
Testing the accuracy of SWIFT for large scale structure simulations
15 min
Sut-Ieng Tam
Post-merger galaxy cluster MS 0451-03 and its surroundings
3 min
Ben Moews
Ridge-estimating DES for cosmic troughs
3 min
Christoph Becker
Cosmology with cubic vector Galileon
3 min
David Sobral
Re-ionisation is (about to be) solved: LAEs are all we need
3 min
Frederika Phipps
First Billion Years Project: Finding Infant Globular Clusters at z=6
3 min

Break | 11.00-11.30

Session 5 | 11.30-13.00

Chair: Cora Uhlemann

Edward Elliott
Sensitivity analysis of semi-analytic models
15 min
Chris Davies
Cosmological test of gravity using weak lensing voids
15 min
Tsang Keung Chan
A numerical method for cosmic ray (magneto)-hydrodynamics
15 min
David Copeland
Towards determining the neutrino mass hierarchy with Stage IV large scale structure surveys
15 min
Adam Carnall
Inferring galaxy physical parameters from spectroscopy with Bagpipes
15 min
Ellen Sirks
Using Parachutes to Retrieve Data from SuperBIT
3 min
fionagh thomson
Handbags & Gladrags: confronting new tales of tension when the TMT moves to La Palma.
3 min
Tom Shanks
Hubble Constant Tension
3 min
Omar Ruiz
Defining and characterising the target selection for DESI BGS
3 min
Rohit Kondapally
Host Galaxies of Radio Sources in LOFAR Deep Fields
3 min

Lunch | 13.00-14.00

Session 6 | 14.00-16.00

Chair: Julie Wardlow

Andrea Incatasciato
Accurate treatment of the Lyman-Werner radiation in the early universe chemistry
15 min
Heather Wade
Y-NBS: Searching for the Brightest Distant LAEs in the COSMOS field
15 min
Emma Dodd
Lyman Alpha Haloes Across Cosmic Time
15 min
Sergio Santos
The nature and evolution of z~2-6 LAEs with the SC4K survey
15 min
Louise Welsh
Investigating low-mass Population III stars with ESPRESSO
15 min
Calvin Sykes
Helium haloes: a novel probe of the primordial helium abundance and UV background
15 min
Jack Birkin
An ALMA/NOEMA survey of the molecular gas properties of submillimetre galaxies
15 min
DEX XVI Prizes
15 min