International Year of Astronomy 2009

Photos from the anniversary expedition (LARGE files)

1. General

2. The commemorative plaque, unveiled by President José Cassandra on 29 May 2009

3. Exhibitions and displays

4. Public talks and media coverage

5. The grounds of Roça Sundy plantation, including views from the air and the train that took cacao beans down to waiting ships - and possibly also brought up Eddington's equipment

6. The children at Roça Sundy were very excited by the celebrations

7. The residents of Roça Sundy put on fantastic music and dancing to greet us

8. General stuff around the islands (see below)

9. Museo do Eclipse in Sobral, Brazil (courtesy Emerson Ferreira de Almeida)

Section 8 includes:
Santo António, the capital of Príncipe
Road block - things grow so fast on the island that fallen trees that block the roads are a constant nuiscance.
São Tomé market - very lively and colourful!
The equator goes through the islands.
Abundant food: from the sea, bananas, coffee, cacao beans hanging from the trees and dried in a chimney, palm nuts pressed for oil.
The staggering array of often unique biodiversity is preserved in a botanical garden. Turn on, drop off, or cure cancer with this selection of plants.
Gisa Weszkalnys, Carlos Gomez (deputy director of Príncipe) and Richard Ellis; Richard Ellis and President Fradique de Menendez.
Busy café in São Tomé.