• News broadcasts on all four British terrestrial TV stations!
  • BBC 1
  • Sky TV
  • iTELE (French)
  • NHK/Science ZERO "Mysteries of dark matter" documentary aired 5th May 2007 (Japanese)
  • National Geographic "Hubble Trouble" documentary aired 6th November 2007
  • NOVA scienceNOW "Dark Matter" documentary in post-production
  • CBS "The Big Bang Theory" sitcom. A poster on the flatmates' wall shows how geeky they are... :(

Radio & podcasts

Front cover of Nature magazine, 18th Jan 2007







Press releases

Front cover of the Independent newspaper, 8th Jan 2007

BBC news lead stories, 7th Jan 2007

Front cover of Science News, 24th Feb 2007

Front cover of EDGE magazine, Oct 2007Front cover of EDGE magazine, Oct 2007

Richard Massey live over the phone on BBC world service Nick Scoville, Richard Massey, Jason Rhodes and Richard Ellis at the press conference

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