Durham-Edinburgh eXtragalactic Workshops

Next workshop in the DEX series:

DEX XVIII: Synergies between theory and observations to exploit next generation instruments and surveys (Jan. 2022)

Previous workshop in the DEX series:

DEX XVII: Traces of new Physics: insights into the unknown (Jan 2021)

DEX XVI: 2020 vision: progress and tensions in astronomy (Jan. 2020)

DEX XV: Recent Innovations in Theory and Observations (Jan. 2019)

DEX XIV: Back to the future: Astronomy with next generation instruments and simulations (Jan. 2018)

DEX XIII: The Advantages of Resolution (Jan. 2017)

DEX XII: The Devil is in the Detail: Challenging standard views and paradigms (Jan. 2016)

DEX XI:Big Surveys + Big Simulations = Big Science (Jan. 2015)

DEX X: The peak of activity in the Universe (Jan. 2014)

DEX IX: Physics of galaxy formation (Jan. 2013)

DEX VIII: Current and future large scale galaxy surveys for cosmology (Jan. 2012)

DEX VII: The high redshift Universe: reionisation and the rise of galaxies and AGN (Sep. 2010)

DEX VI: AGN & Galaxy Survey Science (Sep. 2009)

DEX V: Our Local Universe (Sep. 2008)

DEX IV: Science with PanSTARRS: Near and Far (Dec. 2007)

DEX III: Astronomy with Next Generation Instruments (March 2003)

DEX II: Clusters and Clustering (June 2002)

DEX I: The First Galaxies and AGN (Dec. 2001)