Help pages for shapelets IDL code:

The first few lines of each .pro file contain a header with a description of the routine and general instructions for its use. These can be accessed within IDL by typing "doc_library,"routine name"" or via the links below. Joel Bergé has written a PDF manual covering many aspects of shapelet-based image processing with this code. I am slowly completing the on-line documentation here, but if the information you want is not yet available, please ask me at r.j.massey [at] The help files will grow mainly through answers to such questions.

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Comprehensive list of routines:

decomp: Transform images into shapelet space and back.
decomp/focus: Automated n_max-beta finder, optimising chi^2 for a decomposition as in "Polar Shapelets".
decomp/polar: Conversion between Cartesian and polar shapelets.
alias: Wrapper routines used to maintain backwards compatability with old versions of the code.
io: Data I/O from disc, and conversion of structure types.
operations: Image manipulation and transformations in shapelet space.
pipeline: Object detection and decomposition within an entire astronomical image.
plotting: Various plotting tools.
properties: Shape analysis and galaxy morphology indices.
library: Standard IDL library routines, including some from the IDL Astronomy User's Library.

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