The software package is currently being dramatically improved and updated.
This is a (very) old version, potentially with bugs.

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List of routines
Instrutions for general code
Instructions for image simulation code

Help pages for shapelets IDL code + image simulation routines:

The first few lines of each .pro file contain a header with a description of the routine and general instructions for its use. These can be accessed from within IDL by typing "doc_library,"routine name"". I am also writing more extensive on-line documentation for many of the routines, although this task is currently proceeding slowly. If the information you want is not available, please ask me at . The help files will grow mainly through answers to such questions.

View for the subroutine.

Comprehensive list of routines:

simages: --- Image simulation with shapelets.
simages/shapelets_read_shapecat_hdf --- Reads in a shapelet catalogue containing all of the objects from both Hubble Deep Fields.
simages/simage_add_noise --- Adds a model of background and observational noise to a simulated image.
simages/simage_assemble_image --- Takes objects from a new shapelet catalogue and scatters them about an image, without noise.
simages/simage_generate_shapecat --- Repeatedly calls simage_generate_shapecat.pro to generate a shapelet catalogue for a simulated image.
simages/simage_make_analytic_object --- Given a desired ellipticity, magnitude and radial profile, generates a pixellated image of one simulated galaxy.
simages/simage_make_shapelet_object --- Given a set of shapelet coefficients, generates a pixellated image of one simulated galaxy.
simages/simage_resample_pdf --- Resamples a true population of galaxy shapes to generate a new object for a simulated image.
simages/simage_tests --- Performs some basic statistical tests of a simulated image.
decomp: --- Transform images into shapelet space and back.
decomp/focus: --- Automated n_max-beta finder, optimising chi^2 for a decomposition as in "Polar Shapelets".
decomp/polar: --- Conversion between Cartesian and polar shapelets.
alias: --- Wrapper routines used to maintain backwards compatability with old versions of the code.
io: --- Data I/O from disc, and conversion of structure types.
operations: --- Image manipulation and transformations in shapelet space.
pipeline: --- Object detection and decomposition within an entire astronomical image.
plotting: --- Various plotting tools.
properties: --- Shape analysis and galaxy morphology indices.
library: --- Standard IDL library routines, including some from the IDL Astronomy User's Library.

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