The software package is currently being dramatically improved and updated.
This is a (very) old version, potentially with bugs.

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Image simulation instructions:

Creating your first image:

These instructions will guide you through the creating of your first simulated image using this code. There are three stages in the creation of a new image: the decomposition of a suitable real galaxy population into shapelets, the generation of a catalogue of new galaxies, and the placing of those objects into an image. A flowchart describing an overview of these stages is available (in various formats).

More information about these routines, and about their various subroutines, can be found on the shapelet help pages.

Input parameters:

The file input_parameters in shapelets_shims.tar.gz specifies the various input parameters for a new simulated image during the third stage above. These parameters are

n_pixels Size of final image [pixels].
pixel_scale Pixel scale [arcseconds per pixel].
n_gal Number of galaxies in the final image.
n_star Number of stars in the final image.
dither_offset Dither offset of exposure (x,y) [pixels].
exposure_time Exposure time [kiloseconds].
sigma_epsilon RMS galaxy ellipticity (analytic galaxy shapes only).
random_seed Seed for random number generator.
random_positions Scatter galaxies at random positions? 1=YES, 0=POSITIONS AS IN INPUT CATALOGUE

"To do" list:

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