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Help for "shapelets_read_shapecat_hdf" routine:

Reads in a shapelet catalogue containing all of the objects from both Hubble Deep Fields.

This reads in a shapelet catalogue of the Hubble Deep Field North (HDF-N_f814.shape) and South (HDF-S_f814.shape), and combines them into one big catalogue. This is then returned to IDL as a "shapecat" structure.

See also the header below, which has been extracted from the source code for this routine.

; NAME: ; SHAPELETS_READ_SHAPECAT_HDF ; ; PURPOSE: ; Reads in and concatenates shapelet catalogues containing all of the ; objects from both Hubble Deep Fields. ; ; INPUTS: ; None. ; ; OPTIONAL INPUTS: ; FILT - HDF filter e.g. 606 or 814. Default: 814 ; N_MAX - Truncate catalogue at this shapelet parameter. ; ; KEYWORD PARAMETERS: ; POLAR - Convert to polar shapelet coefficents automatically on load, ; in reduced {r,theta} form (cf shapelets_polar_reduce.pro). ; MOMENTS - Calculate object shape moments (astrometry, photometry etc) ; automatically on load. ; DECONV - Read PSF-deconvolved catalogue (if available) ; PARITY - Rotate all objects automatically on load so that their ; ellipticity is aligned with the x axis then flip, if ; necessary, so that all their isophotes begin to twist in a ; clockwise sense. ; RESIZE - Rescale so that all shapelets use the same beta. ; ; OUTPUTS: ; shapecat- name of catalogue (shapecat structure) returned in memory. ; ; MODIFICATION HISTORY: ; Mar 04 - Split into shapelets_concatenate_shapecats by RM. ; Jan 02 - Written by Richard Massey.

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