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Help for "simage_make_shapelet_object" routine:

Given a set of shapelet coefficients, generates a pixellated image of one simulated galaxy.

This routine is a bit like shapelets_recomp.pro, but also returns various parameters concerning the location of the object within an image, and its shape moments that get written to the fake SExtractor catalogue that is created with every simulated image.

See also the header below, which has been extracted from the source code for this routine.

; NAME: ; SIMAGE_MAKE_SHAPELET_OBJECT ; ; CATEGORY: ; Shapelet simulated images. ; ; PURPOSE: ; This module makes one object for the shapelet-based image simulations, using ; a full shapelet model of its morphology. It is pixellated using various ; input parameters. ; ; INPUTS: ; decomp - Cartesian shapelet decomp structure of the resampled galaxy. ; ; OPTIONAL INPUTS: ; gamma - Weak lensing shear on all galaxies [gamma1,gamma2]. ; psf - Cartesian decomp structure representing PSF. Will then do ; convolvution automatically. Stars are just this PSF. ; instrum - Post-smear shear due to geometric distortions in telescope. ; seed - Seed for random number generator. ; ; KEYWORD PARAMETERS: ; RPOS - Randomise positions and PAs of galaxies? ; ; OUTPUTS: ; recomp - One (shapelet) simulated object in a postage stamp image. ; shapeinfo - A structure containing object properties for inclusion in the ; pre-noise catalogue. ; ; MODIFICATION HISTORY: ; Jun 03 - Written by Richard Massey

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