International Year of Astronomy 2009
UNESCO International Astronomical Union      


An illustrative exhibition of the scientific discoveries for which gravitational lensing has been used since 1919 has now been installed in conjunction with other historical exhibitions at Roça Sundy, in the national museum in São Tomé, and at the Museo do Eclipse in Sobral, Brazil. The following selection of displays (now in São Tomé and Sobral) was funded by the Royal Observatory Edinburgh.

Gravitational Lensing

Extrasolar planets Giant telescopes
Dark matter Dark energy

Plaque title  Sundy plaque

When printed at full size, the three IYA2009 logos are all the same size. Click on the images for an enlarged view, or download

English language versions of the (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) posters are now also avilable in PDF format.

The PDF files are best viewed with Adobe Acrobat. The semi-transparent layers do not render properly in Apple Preview.

Thanks to Rota Tojeiro for Portuguese translations and Jason Cowan for design and printing help.

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