The software package is currently being dramatically improved and updated.
This is a (very) old version, potentially with bugs.

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Please do not distribute!

Although the basic shapelets IDL code is freely available for academic use (under the GNU General Public Licence, copyright © 2004 Richard Massey and Alexandre Refregier), the shapelets-based image simulation routines are not yet publicly released. For the time being, any publications making use of this material should include both Richard Massey and Alexandre Refregier on the author list. Thank you.

Image simulation instructions:

To access the help files and installation instructions for the image simulation routines, you must start from these secure (silver) pages. You can access all of the public information from here, plus some additional options for the image simulation routines. Instructions to create a simulated image are available, along with a tentative "to do" list. You will require IDL v5.4 or above to be installed on your computer but, to keep things simple, the main commands can also be run directly from a UNIX or Linux prompt via simple shell scripts.


You will need to download both of the following files, and unpack them all in the same directory.

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We are very grateful to David Bacon and Tzu-Ching Chang for their help developing the shapelets formalism and their contributions to some of the IDL routines. Thanks also to Alain Bonissent and Jason Rhodes for their careful bug-fixing and optimisation of others. If you develop any further routines that you would be willing to share, please do get in touch. Thanks!

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