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pro simage_tests,simfile,scat,scats=scats,scatn=scatn ;$Id: simage_tests.pro, v1.0$ ; ; Copyright 2004 Richard Massey and Alexandre Refregier. ; ; This file is a part of the Shapelets analysis code. ; www.ast.cam.ac.uk/~rjm/shapelets/ ; ; The Shapelets code is free software; you can redistribute it and/or ; modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published ; by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or ; (at your option) any later version. ; ; The Shapelets code is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, ; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of ; MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the ; GNU General Public License for more details. ; ; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License ; along with the Shapelets code; if not, write to the Free Software ; Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA ; ;+ ; NAME: ; SIMAGE_TESTS ; ; CATEGORY: ; Shapelets image simulation. ; ; PURPOSE: ; Compares SExtractor statistics of real Hubble Deep Fields N&S with my ; simulated images. Output all in one file for convenience - not for paper. ; ; INPUTS: ; simfile - Filename of the simulated .fits image, w/o path or extn. ; scat[n,s] - SExtractor catalogue (sexcat structure) of simulated image ; (read in automatically the first time this routine is run). ; OPTIONAL INPUTS: ; scat[n,s] - SExtractor catalogue (sexcat structure) of HDF images ; (read in automatically the first time this routine is run). ; ; KEYWORD PARAMETERS: ; None. ; ; OUTPUTS: ; Various statistics, written to postscript file. ; ; MODIFICATION HISTORY: ; Mar 04 - Tidied up by RM. ; Apr 02 - Written by Richard Massey ;- zpoint=22.08 ; Read in simulated image data message,'Reading simulated data',/info if not keyword_set(scat) then shapelets_read_sexcat, scat, simfile ; Now we know the simulated image was OK, read in HDF data message,'Reading HDF data',/info if not keyword_set(scats) then shapelets_read_sexcat, scats, 'HDF-S_f814' if not keyword_set(scatn) then shapelets_read_sexcat, scatn, 'HDF-N_f814' ; Open output file ops,form=1,/nopub,file=get_path(3)+simfile+'.ps' ; ; ; Size-magnitude plane ; ; scat.mag=scat.mag+zpoint scatn.mag=scatn.mag+zpoint scats.mag=scats.mag+zpoint !p.multi=[0,2,2,0,0] !x.margin=[5.5,1.5] !x.margin=[24,-17] plot,scat.mag,scat.fwhm*0.0398,psym=3,xran=[18,32],/xsty,yran=[0,3], $ title="Simulated image "+simfile,xtitle='!6AB Magnitude',ytitle='FWHM [arcsec]' !x.margin=[5.5,1.5] plot,[0,0],[0,0],xsty=4,ysty=4,/nodata plot,scatn.mag,scatn.fwhm*0.0398,psym=3,xran=[18,32],/xsty,yran=[0,3],xtitle='!6HDF North' plot,scats.mag,scats.fwhm*0.0398,psym=3,xran=[18,32],/xsty,yran=[0,3],xtitle='!6HDF South' ;!x.margin=[10,4] !p.multi=0 ; ; ; Ellipticity distribution ; ; sime=(scat.a^2-scat.b^2)/(scat.a^2+scat.b^2) sime1=sime*cos(2.*scat.theta) sime2=sime*sin(2.*scat.theta) hdfne=(scatn.a^2-scatn.b^2)/(scatn.a^2+scatn.b^2) hdfne1=hdfne*cos(2.*scatn.theta) hdfne2=hdfne*sin(2.*scatn.theta) hdfse=(scats.a^2-scats.b^2)/(scats.a^2+scats.b^2) hdfse1=hdfse*cos(2.*scats.theta) hdfse2=hdfse*sin(2.*scats.theta) !p.multi=[0,1,2,0,1] plothist,sime1,bin=0.02,xran=[-1,1],yran=[0,120],title='!6e!d1!n', thick=5, $ xtitle='Mean: '+strtrim(amean(sime1)*100,1)+'% +/- '+strtrim(stddev(sime1)*100,1) oplot,indgen(100)/50.-1,110*exp(-(indgen(100)/50.-1-amean(sime1))^2/stddev(sime1)^2) plothist,hdfne1,bin=0.02,/over plothist,hdfse1,bin=0.02,/over,linestyle=3 plothist,sime2,bin=0.02,xran=[-1,1],yran=[0,120],title='!6e!d2!n',thick=5, $ xtitle='Mean: '+strtrim(amean(sime2)*100,1)+'% +/- '+strtrim(stddev(sime2)*100,1) oplot,indgen(100)/50.-1,110*exp(-(indgen(100)/50.-1-amean(sime2))^2/stddev(sime2)^2) plothist,hdfne2,bin=0.02,/over plothist,hdfse2,bin=0.02,/over,linestyle=3 ;plothist,hdfne1,bin=0.02,xran=[-1,1],yran=[0,100],xtitle='HDF North: '+ $ ; strtrim(amean(hdfne1)*100,1)+'% +/- '+strtrim(stddev(hdfne1)*100,1) ;plothist,hdfse1,bin=0.02,xran=[-1,1],yran=[0,100],xtitle='HDF South: '+ $ ; strtrim(amean(hdfse1)*100,1)+'% +/- '+strtrim(stddev(hdfse1)*100,1) !p.multi=0 ; ; ; Magnitude-number counts ; ; plothist,scat.mag,bin=0.2,xran=[18,32],/xsty,yran=[1,300],/ysty,$ thick=5,/ylog,xtitle='!6A-B Magnitude',ytitle='Number of objects' plothist,scatn.mag,bin=0.2,/over plothist,scats.mag,bin=0.2,linesty=3,/over ; ; Slightly more clever plot !x.margin=[8.5,1.5] yscale=2./0.05 ; binsize,area of field plothist,scat.mag,x,y,bin=0.5,/noplot,xran=[18,32] plot,x,y*yscale*(6/7.5),/ylog,xran=[19,31.5],/xsty,yran=[yscale,1000*yscale],/ysty,$ thick=5,psym=-3,$ xtitle='!6AB Magnitude',ytitle='!6N/mag/deg!u2!n' ;plothist,cat.sexmag,bin=0.05,/over plothist,scatn.mag,x,y,bin=0.5,/noplot & oplot,x,y*yscale plothist,scats.mag,x,y,bin=0.5,/noplot & oplot,x,y*yscale,linesty=3 !x.margin=[5.5,1.5] ; ; ; Size statistics ; ; plothist,scat.fwhm*0.0398,x,y,bin=0.02,/noplot plot,x,y*(6/7.5),xran=[0,2],/xsty,yran=[1,250],ysty=1,thick=5,psym=-3,$;/ylog,$ xtitle='!6FWHM [arcsec]',ytitle='!6Number of objects' $ ,ytickn=[' ',' ',' ',' ',' '];,yticks=5 plothist,scatn.fwhm*0.0398,bin=0.02,/over plothist,scats.fwhm*0.0398,bin=0.02,linesty=3,/over ; ; Slightly more clever plot ;yscale=5./0.05 ; binsize,area of field ;plothist,scat.mag,x,y,bin=0.2,/noplot,xran=[18,32] ;plot,x,y*yscale,/ylog,xran=[19,31],/xsty,yran=[yscale,300*yscale],/ysty,$ ; thick=5,psym=-3,$ ; xtitle='!6AB Magnitude',ytitle='!6N/mag/deg!u2!n' ;;plothist,cat.sexmag,bin=0.05,/over ;plothist,scatn.mag,x,y,bin=0.2,/noplot & oplot,x,y*yscale ;plothist,scats.mag,x,y,bin=0.2,/noplot & oplot,x,y*yscale,linesty=3 ;ell-mag !p.multi=[0,1,2,0,1] plot,scat.mag,sime1,psym=4,ytit='!6e!d1!n',xran=[18,32],/xsty oplot,scatn.mag,hdfne1,psym=3 oplot,scats.mag,hdfse1,psym=3 plot,scat.mag,sime2,psym=4,xtit='AB Magnitude',ytit='!6e!d2!n',xran=[18,32],/xsty oplot,scatn.mag,hdfne2,psym=3 oplot,scats.mag,hdfse2,psym=3 !p.multi=0 cps scat.mag=scat.mag-zpoint scatn.mag=scatn.mag-zpoint scats.mag=scats.mag-zpoint end

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