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Help for "simage_tests" routine:

Performs some basic statistical tests of a simulated image.

This runs SExtractor on a simulated image, and creates a plot comparing its size-magnitude distribution, object number counts and ellipticity distibution to those of the Hubble Deep Fields. Assuming that the simulated image contains galaxies that were perturbed from the HDF morphology distribution, these should all match. If they don't match the used true galaxy population, the problem probably lies with the selection function of galaxies that successfullly decomposed into shapelets: if the wrong noise level were used, and faint galaxies did not make it into the true shapelet galaxy catalogue, nor will they be present in the simulated image.

See also the header below, which has been extracted from the source code for this routine.

; NAME: ; SIMAGE_TESTS ; ; CATEGORY: ; Shapelets image simulation. ; ; PURPOSE: ; Compares SExtractor statistics of real Hubble Deep Fields N&S with my ; simulated images. Output all in one file for convenience - not for paper. ; ; INPUTS: ; simfile - Filename of the simulated .fits image, w/o path or extn. ; scat[n,s] - SExtractor catalogue (sexcat structure) of simulated image ; (read in automatically the first time this routine is run). ; OPTIONAL INPUTS: ; scat[n,s] - SExtractor catalogue (sexcat structure) of HDF images ; (read in automatically the first time this routine is run). ; ; KEYWORD PARAMETERS: ; None. ; ; OUTPUTS: ; Various statistics, written to postscript file. ; ; MODIFICATION HISTORY: ; Mar 04 - Tidied up by RM. ; Apr 02 - Written by Richard Massey

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